American Cat Petting Chart In USA

American Cat Petting Chart In USA



American Cat Petting Chart: How to Show Your Feline Love


How often do you give your cat attention? Do you pet, cuddle, or feed her on the same schedule every day? The American Cat Petting Chart, which shows how much people pet their cats in the United States, can help you to better understand how to show your feline love.


Don’t make eyes at other cats


In the United States, it’s considered rude to make eye contact with another cat unless you are looking to start a fight. If you want to show your affection for another cat, make sure to keep your eyes averted. Another way of showing that you love your cat is by patting him or her on the head, usually once per day. Make sure not to get too close to their face or mouth and always rub in an upwards motion from the head towards the neck (don’t forget about their little ears!). Cats will often purr when they’re being petted, so be on the lookout for that!


American Cat Petting Chart In USA
American Cat Petting Chart In USA

Don’t bite your owners’ hands


While it may be tempting to nibble on those pesky fingers that are constantly petting you, it’s important not to bite. This can lead to negative associations with being petted and could make your owner less likely to want to do it. Instead, try purring or gently leaning into their hand. Try putting a paw over the owner’s hand if they’re holding it still, and scratching them under the chin. If all else fails, just meow at them to show your appreciation!


Purr as much as possible


As anyone who has ever been owned by a cat knows, they can be fickle creatures. One minute they’re rubbing up against you and the next they’re biting your hand. So how do you know if you’re really giving your cat the love they deserve? Here’s a handy-dandy chart of what cats want in America!

 Don’t limit yourself when petting your feline friend; they like all over, including their neck, back and head. Be careful around those teeth, though! Cats have been known to accidentally scratch humans while they are being petted. If your cat is particularly aggressive, use caution when approaching them as well. They may startle and swipe at you with claws extended if startled or afraid.


Keep claws sheathed


When petting your cat, it’s important to keep their claws sheathed. This can be done by gently pressing down on the top of their paw until the claws pop out, then lightly running your fingers over them. You should avoid petting them in areas where they are particularly sensitive, such as the belly or base of the tail. If your cat begins to squirm or claw at you, it’s time to stop.

 It’s important not to touch your cat’s ears, as they’re very sensitive. If you want to pet them around that area, do so while they’re sleeping or when they’re distracted. And of course, never pull on their tails! This can be painful for them and could even cause serious injury.


Don’t scratch furniture


One way to show your cat you love them is by not scratching their furniture. Cats typically scratch furniture for two reasons: to mark their territory or to sharpen their claws. By providing your cat with a scratching post, you can deter them from damaging your furniture. Plus, it’s a great way to bond with your kitty – they’ll love the attention!

 If you’re worried about your cat thinking that you don’t love them because you won’t let them scratch your furniture, don’t be. Cats have no concept of fairness. Their understanding of love is unconditional and absolute; they don’t require reciprocation for their affections. It may take a while for your cat to learn not to scratch your furniture, but once they do, it will be an unbreakable bond between you both.


Run away when your owner calls you


When your owner calls you, it’s probably time for another meal or a vet appointment. But running away shows that you don’t trust your owner and that you don’t want to be around them. This can be very off-putting to potential cat owners and may lead them to think twice about getting a feline friend of their own.

 Before you decide to run away from your owner, make sure that there’s something about your current living situation that is making you unhappy. If not, it’s better for you and for other cats if you give your owner another chance.


Never play with other animals


Cats are very particular about their personal space and who they allow into their inner circle. When you pet a cat, you are essentially invading their space and they can feel threatened. This is why it’s important to never play with other animals around your cat. They may not understand that you’re just trying to be friendly and could lash out in defense.

 When you have both dogs and cats in your home, never allow them to play together unattended. Make sure that each pet is socialized with other animals from a young age, so they grow accustomed to playing with them. If a dog and cat become friends as puppies or kittens, then it’s much less likely that they’ll fight when they meet as adults. Even if you supervise play time between your pets while growing up, you should always monitor their interactions as adults.


Never use a litter box if you don’t have to


If you have a cat, chances are you love them. And one way to show your feline love is through petting. But did you know that there’s a right and wrong way to pet a cat? That’s why we’ve created this helpful chart, so you can make sure you’re always giving your cat the best possible pets.

Always demand treats

In America, we love our cats. We show our affection by petting them, and we believe that the more we pet them, the happier they are. However, cats are not always easy to read. That’s why we’ve created this helpful guide to show you how much petting is too much, and when it’s time to give your cat a break.


Always be loving and friendly


Though some may think cats are aloof creatures that couldn’t care less about their humans, the truth is that they appreciate a good petting session just as much as any other animal. Cats are social creatures that crave affection, so it’s important to show them plenty of love.



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